Hire Ibiza without skipper

Do you have enough knowledge to be able to handle and handle a boat, do you want to rent a boat, motor yacht, sailboat or other type of maritime transport? In Ibiza, you will be able to choose which boat to drive on your own and embark on a trip with your family, partner or friends, simply unforgettable.

barcos.online offers a wide catalogue of motorboats for rent in Ibiza that, if you wish, you can rent under the modality called “without skipper”. This rental method will lend you transport, for a certain period, so that you can take it yourself to the destination you have chosen.

Rules to follow 

It should be noted that the boat rental section of Boat.online follows a very strict set of rules, which includes the need to have a license, mandatory and current, which demonstrates your ability to handle and manipulate the boat. This requirement is made in order to avoid any kind of accidents.

In addition, depending on the boat you wish to rent, you may be asked for a permit accrediting your experience in handling this type of maritime transport. If you do not have it, unfortunately, you will not be able to rent this type of boat or you will have to resort to the second rental method offered by alquiler.barcos.online: with skipper.

hire motorboat without skipper

Greater responsibility

When you choose the modality without skipper your responsibilities increase and fall only on your shoulders, since you are renting the boat and the trip will depend on you. Although the boats that online boat rentals offer to all their public are safe, quality and in perfect condition, the person who manipulates it must be able to control any type of situation that may arise.

In order to be prepared for any type of accident, they offer you the possibility of choosing from an extensive list of insurances. This way you will be able to travel more calmly and the worries will be less.

If you still have doubts about the boat rental services in Ibiza click here.

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