Get the perfect anode for your boat

Having the best components for your boat can be the difference between safety and durability of that boat, so it is important to have components such as anodes, which do the job of keeping your boat protected.

The devices known as marine anodes are nautical accessories manufactured in a material that allows to diminish the alteration of the pieces submerged in the water due to the electrolysis that takes place thanks to the exposure of these pieces inside the water.

This only affects the submerged parts such as the propeller, the shaft, the keel and others, because they are subjected to the process of electrolysis, which can be seriously affected if it does not have the protection of devices called nautical anodes.

nautical anodes

Basically, these devices are mainly characterized for having the function of protecting submerged metals from the electrolysis process, which is defined as the deterioration of metals that are constantly submerged thanks to the creation of an electric current.

That is why, to keep a boat in its best condition, it is necessary to have an accessory like this to protect the submerged part of the boat and thus enjoy its benefits with greater durability.

Keep your boat up to date with the most suitable anodes for it.

The process by which ship anodes are used is quite simple, it is simply a matter of replacing the corrosion that affects the metals of the submerged parts, called cathodes, so that it is this device that receives all the corrosion and electrolysis alteration.

Since electrolysis is the deterioration of metals by an electric current, these devices are installed so that the metal with the least potential receives all the deterioration caused by electrolysis, instead of affecting the metal with the greatest potential that would be the submerged parts of the vessel.


They protect submerged parts from electrolysis caused by water.

Their work may be affected by the nature of the water where it is found.

The type of water it will be subjected to will define the material it must be made of.

Salt water requires that the material be zinc.

For salubrious water the recommended material is aluminium.

In the case of fresh water, it is required that it has been manufactured with magnesium.

It should be chosen according to the surface to be protected.

It is generally recommended that it be replaced before corrosion completely affects it.

It should not be exposed to paint.

It is possible to clean corrosion for longer life with metal brushes.

Your work may be affected by water contamination.

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