Hire Ibiza without skipper

Do you have enough knowledge to be able to handle and handle a boat, do you want to rent a boat, motor yacht, sailboat or other type of maritime transport? In Ibiza, you will be able to choose which boat to drive on your own and embark on a trip with your family, partner or friends, simply unforgettable.

barcos.online offers a wide catalogue of motorboats for rent in Ibiza that, if you wish, you can rent under the modality called “without skipper”. This rental method will lend you transport, for a certain period, so that you can take it yourself to the destination you have chosen.

Rules to follow 

It should be noted that the boat rental section of Boat.online follows a very strict set of rules, which includes the need to have a license, mandatory and current, which demonstrates your ability to handle and manipulate the boat. This requirement is made in order to avoid any kind of accidents.

In addition, depending on the boat you wish to rent, you may be asked for a permit accrediting your experience in handling this type of maritime transport. If you do not have it, unfortunately, you will not be able to rent this type of boat or you will have to resort to the second rental method offered by alquiler.barcos.online: with skipper.

hire motorboat without skipper

Greater responsibility

When you choose the modality without skipper your responsibilities increase and fall only on your shoulders, since you are renting the boat and the trip will depend on you. Although the boats that online boat rentals offer to all their public are safe, quality and in perfect condition, the person who manipulates it must be able to control any type of situation that may arise.

In order to be prepared for any type of accident, they offer you the possibility of choosing from an extensive list of insurances. This way you will be able to travel more calmly and the worries will be less.

If you still have doubts about the boat rental services in Ibiza click here.

Get the perfect anode for your boat

Having the best components for your boat can be the difference between safety and durability of that boat, so it is important to have components such as anodes, which do the job of keeping your boat protected.

The devices known as marine anodes are nautical accessories manufactured in a material that allows to diminish the alteration of the pieces submerged in the water due to the electrolysis that takes place thanks to the exposure of these pieces inside the water.

This only affects the submerged parts such as the propeller, the shaft, the keel and others, because they are subjected to the process of electrolysis, which can be seriously affected if it does not have the protection of devices called nautical anodes.

nautical anodes

Basically, these devices are mainly characterized for having the function of protecting submerged metals from the electrolysis process, which is defined as the deterioration of metals that are constantly submerged thanks to the creation of an electric current.

That is why, to keep a boat in its best condition, it is necessary to have an accessory like this to protect the submerged part of the boat and thus enjoy its benefits with greater durability.

Keep your boat up to date with the most suitable anodes for it.

The process by which ship anodes are used is quite simple, it is simply a matter of replacing the corrosion that affects the metals of the submerged parts, called cathodes, so that it is this device that receives all the corrosion and electrolysis alteration.

Since electrolysis is the deterioration of metals by an electric current, these devices are installed so that the metal with the least potential receives all the deterioration caused by electrolysis, instead of affecting the metal with the greatest potential that would be the submerged parts of the vessel.


They protect submerged parts from electrolysis caused by water.

Their work may be affected by the nature of the water where it is found.

The type of water it will be subjected to will define the material it must be made of.

Salt water requires that the material be zinc.

For salubrious water the recommended material is aluminium.

In the case of fresh water, it is required that it has been manufactured with magnesium.

It should be chosen according to the surface to be protected.

It is generally recommended that it be replaced before corrosion completely affects it.

It should not be exposed to paint.

It is possible to clean corrosion for longer life with metal brushes.

Your work may be affected by water contamination.

And if you are looking for a model that can easily adapt to your needs, now we present the Anode Radice With Brass Base 60 mm, anode for axle, at an offer price of 471.55 €, a quality option found in the nautical barcos.online shop.

Ibiza boats rental – Azure 298

If you can’t stop imagining yourself in a luxury, functional and comfortable boat with your family or friends going for a walk, then what you need is to know a product from our catalogue: the Azure 298.
It is available on our website Barracuda Ibiza, where we offer you this and various classes of boats, as well as accessories for them, always on offer, competitive prices.
The best thing is that you can always count on each of our products meeting the highest and most demanding legal and quality standards.
Therefore, in this opportunity we are going to invite you not only to review our website, but to know the Azure 298 that we have in our catalog.

Azure 298
Ibiza boats rental – Azure 298
It is a boat with an excellent distribution of space, has an extraordinary area to tan us and one to enjoy the trip in shadow.
What doesn’t this boat have?
There are no bathrooms or cabins.
What does it include?
An interior carpeting floor, a state-of-the-art ice fridge, a music system, a shower with tank, a Bimini top hood, an electric windlass and a Camper Europa enclosure.
There are also aspects such as an exterior shower with 100 liters and a tank, in addition to a water pressure sink with shower.
Dimensions of the boat.
First of all, the length is eight metres and ninety centimetres, with an astonishing beam of two metres and eighty centimetres, which gives it a maximum capacity of 12 passengers for each trip.
What is included in the rental conditions?
Fully comprehensive insurance.
Mooring in base port.
Drinks and snacks, although for these they can include an extra price in the rent.
What is needed for the reservation?
Fifty percent of the total payment of the reservation.
What is not included in the boat rental?
The price of gasoline, which consumes approximately sixty liters per hour. The price also does not include the skipper service, which is currently around one hundred and fifty euros per day, although it may vary. Finally, you should know that the VAT is 21%.
What type of engine is it?
It has a pair of 375 HP 8.1 Mercruiser engines.
How much does the rental cost?
In low season the rent per day is approximately 490 euros, in high season is 590 euros and in medium season is 550 euros.
Means of payment.
You can use various credit cards, such as VISA, MasterCard and even BarcLays.
Where can you rent/buy this boat?
On our website Barracuda Ibiza, but if you want to contact us in another way you can always write to WhatsApp : Tel: +34 649 633 299 or using our email [email protected]
And if you are a born lover of boats, yachts or any boat, you can follow us through our social networks, so you are always aware of our news, just click on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and our YouTube channel.
So don’t wait any longer, enjoy an unforgettable day with us.

Fenders for boats

Fenders are a safety mechanism, they are thrown into the sea, when we want to stop with the help of the anchor, and for the protection of the ship when we approach port, in fact have name defense. These products have been produced by people related to the maritime environment. They know the most challenging hits that thanks to nature or unexpected incidents can arise or arise. These buoys available on Online Boats measure 290x775mm.

In barcos.online nautical shop, you will be able to find the best European nautical products. They meet the highest quality standards. They are the best brands of nautical elements that exist in the world, so your boat will always have the best.

In this shop you can find a great variety of accessories arranged in a wide catalogue. You can easily choose the product you need. There are buoys of different models and you can find them in the Deck Accessories. The buoys are made of materials that are resistant and special for the sea conditions. Available according to your needs, both inflatable and fixed mooring buoys. Even those that function as protection for the boat.

Affordable prices
Boat fenders can vary in price depending on the size and type of buoy you are looking for. In Boats Online you will find the best prices. Totally accessible so that you can have on your boat all the safety elements needed to navigate. In most boats must go at least 2 buoys, hence the importance of finding the best deals on the market. Norwegian fenders are some of the most sought after, mostly because of their durable materials that will last for many years. An investment worthwhile.

Buy with the best
In Boats Online you can order your fenders with just a few clicks. With deliveries in just 10 working days in several European countries. In addition, they come with a 24 month warranty. You will have the best products, with the quality you are looking for and you can buy them without having to leave home.